CBS All Access - Roku App Review - How To Use - Is It Worth The Money

We're going to be talking about the CBS all access app for the Roku player. I'm going to be doing a kind of a review and a rundown of how to use the app, and then whether I think it's worth the price tag or not.


With activation code to activate and log in

To get this app on the Roku player you just go down your streaming channels options, and you can search for it in there, and then after you download it it's just going to show up in your home feed, and it'll show up right at the bottom.

It's the most recent app that I've downloaded, so it's right there, you're going to have to access this by using your CBS all access account, and you can do that by making an account on the internet, and then the first time you log into the CBS all access it gives you an option to activate your account.

It'll give you a code, and then you go on the internet, and you can just type in that code, and then it'll log you in kind of the same way, you would do it on other apps like YouTube. I know has that activation code process that makes it kind of easy.

What you can get with CBS all access

But anyways this CBS all access it's $5.99, and with that particular product you get the full suite of programs from CBS old shows, new shows, live TV, more recent shows will be featured, and we'll go through that later when I go through all the different category and filtering options that this app has.

Then with the $5.99 you also get commercials with your shows, and then there's also a $9.99 per month option, where you don't get commercials. I'm trying out the $5.99 free week trial right now, and I've been using for the last few days, and I will say that the ads that you get are pretty similar to what you'd get on traditional television, which is kind of disappointing.


A more limited advertising experience

I thought it would be a more limited advertising experience, but when you go to commercial break, it's usually between like three to five full run ads, and then if you're watching like a one-hour episode you'll get I'm not exactly sure how many breaks, but it feels like about how many breaks you'd get watching a typical one-hour program on CBS.

If you hate commercials, the 999 might be worth it for you, but at the end of this, once I go to the features I'll kind of give my opinion on whether I think that this product is worth the $5.99 or $9.99.

When you first get in you're on this page, and if you click on shows it'll show you every show that CBS has in alphabetical order, that can take a long time to kind of cycle through all those a way to filter.

Search options is an easy function to use

You can look at just like daytime or primetime or late night shows, and then also like movie, specials, classics are going to be shown that we're on CBS a long time ago, and then there's also the news option. A couple of different filtering options in the show's menu, you can also watch live TV, this is going to be the feed that you would get.

If you're watching CBS over your antenna, and then a feature that I like is the search option, if you know exactly what TV show you're looking for, the search options really from an easy function to use, and then the settings are just pretty much logging out of your account. There's nothing substantial in that particular area.

The main filter categories that CBS has

Scrolling down, these are the main filter categories that CBS has. Then the first one is going to be featured shows, and this is shows that are newer on CBS or might be like currently in season or things like that, basically shows that CBS is trying to direct you to your recently watched is going to be TV shows that you've decided to watch.

Then you can go back and finish them if you weren't able to finish them and then another just a quick thing if you want to get back to like a season of a show. Like here survivor, I just finished up watching it, but this is the last episode I watched.


If you want to go to more episodes in this show, then you just click to see more episodes, and that's kind of a quick way to get to the episode guide for that particular show instead of going through like the search or trying to find it in the show's tab.

Get primetime episodes

Then you get primetime episodes, these are going to be episodes that have played on CBS in primetime recently, and then you're going to get the same thing with the daytime episodes, and late-night, and then the classic episodes are just going to be episodes of series that were on CBS, obviously well in the past.

I mean we got stuff from the 50s 60s 70s 80s, I mean you can go far in the past with some of this stuff, and then the stuff on the end is just clips. These are going to be shorter things that maybe are like previews for shows, and things like that not too interesting, which is why CBS has these at the bottom.

Not worth the price that they're charging

That's pretty much all the functionality of the Roku app of the CBS all-access, and with just the features that I've got out of it in this free trial, I'd say it's not worth the price that they're charging to put this in.

For instance, you can watch CBS traditionally through an antenna for free also, if you get CBS through your cable package you can watch it that way, but also you can go to, and they usually have three episodes of most of these shows, anyways that are in season like what I know particularly with like Big Brother and Survivor, they usually go like four or five episodes in the past, so you can catch up on.

You don't even need to have a subscription to get that, and then the $9.99 is a pretty steep price for the all-access package that doesn't have commercials.

Get other subscription for more diversity

For instance, you could get a Netflix subscription or a Hulu subscription, or, I think who is even cheaper than that or like an Amazon Prime subscription, and you're going to get more diversity of TV shows and movies, elections with those particular streaming services.


I think you just get a lot more bang for your buck, if there are a lot of shows on CBS that you really like and you just want to support the company then getting CBS all access. It's not going to break the bank by any means.

But if you had to pay $9.99 a month for every channel that you wanted, I mean just with ABC, NBC, Fox, and CBS, for instance, you'd be looking at 40 bucks a month, which seems pretty ridiculous really.

The only need for new Big Brother over-the-top

The only thing that you'd need CBS all access for right now is the new Big Brother over-the-top, which you can only get on CBS all access. If you're a Big Brother fan that might be worth it for you, and then you get the $5.99 a month package, and you're not going to get peppered with ads watching the live feeds of the Big Brother over the top.

That's kind of nice, that's pretty much it for this review.

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