Quick Remote for Google Home or Assistant & Roku

This is a short demo of the quick remote app for Google home, it lets you control your Roku using your voice.

You can start by saying "Hey Google, let me talk to quick remote". It looks like your quick remote accountant is not linked yet, you can link quick remote to your Google account from the Google home app. Now open the Google home app in your mobile phone, and go to the discover tab, there you will see a card asking you to link to quick remote, click the link and sign in using your Google account.

After you sign in now you can say "Hey Google has quick remote to pass the TV". "Sure, Here's quick Ramon, it looks like you have not signed in the quick remote mobile app." Please download the quick remote app from Google Play inside and using your google home account.

Now open the quick remote mobile app and sign in using the same Google account.

Once you sign in both the apps are now linked, you can turn off the phone and put it away. Now once again say "Hey Google has quick remote to go home". "Sure, here's quick Ramon, alright, going home, now you can talk to your Roku." You can navigate the menu using multiple commands at once, by saying "Hey Google has quick remote to go right down" and select "sure, here's quick Ramon." Going right, going down, going right, in selecting.

You can even ask Google home to wait for the next command by saying "hey, Google has quick remote the pasta TV." and wait "sure, here's quick Ramon", "Sure, pausing the TV and waiting to fast-forward and play ok, fast-forwarding in playing."

He can also start a channel by saying "hey Google as quick remote to start CBS News." "Sure, here's quick remote, you got it starting CBS News, you can switch between Rocco's by saying "Hey Google has quick remote to switch to media room Roku." "Sure, here's quick Ramon", "sure, we can to meet your room." Roku there you have it, you'll never touch the Roku remote again.

CBS All Access For Roku Demonstration

CBS All Access For Roku Demonstration

CBS all access service costs $5.99 per month and gives users a list of current CBS shows along with a large collection of older shows, like Star Trek and other classic shows.

CBSN 2016 Webby Award Winner | CBS

CBSN 2016 Webby Award Winner | CBS

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